May 18th, 2016

Hello parents, carers and the school community.

Picture1This is perhaps the most important question that you can ask your child each day… The benefits of talking with your child about what and how they are learning are many, but two of the main ones are ensuring that you are engaged with your child’s learning and what is happening at school, as well as giving your child  opportunity to reflect upon and talk about their learning.

Parents that take an active interest in their child’s learning at school are showing their child that they value school and learning, as well as place themselves in a    position to build upon school-based learning when opportunities arise around the home. Eg If your child is learning about volume in Maths, start talking with them about ‘how much’ is in various containers around the home… If they are learning about reading with expression, model this for them when you read stories at night time…

Children who can talk about their learning are demonstrating an understanding of what they are learning, how they are learning it and why they need this learning – developing these understandings is developing lifelong skills of learning.

So… go ahead – ask your child what they are learning about at school and enjoy helping to develop them as a ‘good learner’!



Warwick Peter-Budge



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