October 19th 2016

Hello parents / carers and school community.

Late last term, our school undertook a formal School Review, led by external representatives of the Department of Education. Arising from this review process were eight recommendations, which will play a key role in informing our school planning for next year and beyond. Several of these recommendations were to do with building on from and enhancing initial work that we’ve done, with recommended next steps identified for us in areas such as use of data, strategic planning, as well as the whole-school language about ‘good learners’ and behaviour.

There were also several ‘affirmations’ and ‘commendations’ that identified some of the existing strengths of our school, including the “intentionally  inviting school culture”, the “commitment [of staff] to ensuring… a safe and supportive learning environment for all students”, as well as the work of our Preschool staff that has positioned Millner as “a preschool of choice”.

Overall, this was a very useful process for the school, which affirmed a lot of the work that we have done recently, as well as gave us some good           direction for future planning.

Our recent parent perception survey had a very impressive number of      respondents, strengthening the validity of the reports that we were able to generate from these surveys – thank-you very much to all those parents that completed this survey for us! The actual results of our parent survey were overwhelmingly positive. In particular, parents feel very strongly that “my child likes being at this school” and “teachers at this school motivate my child to learn” [both with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5]. The lowest rating question [average rating of 3.7 out of 5] was about parents having “opportunities to have a say in the direction of the school…” – we need to keep working on how we can involve more parents in our School Council, the key avenue for parents to contribute to the direction of the school.

Warwick Peter-Budge



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