4th November 2016

Last week I wrote a little about our school’s results in the annual NAPLAN assessments, which measure student achievement and progress in numeracy and literacy. Adding a little more ‘colour’ to this picture of how our students are going with their learning, is the now biannual Progressive Achievement Test [PAT] – conducted for both Reading comprehension and Maths. These tests are developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research and are used by many schools nation-wide. Here is a brief summary about how each of our cohorts fared in the most recent implementation of these tests, which concluded last     Friday:

Lower than expected progress [last 12 months]:

  • Maths – year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 5.
  • Reading – year 2, year 5 and year 6.


Higher than expected progress [last 12 months]:

  • Maths – year 4 and year 6
  • Reading – year 1, year 3 and year 4.

When added to the information gleaned from NAPLAN and from our regular classroom  assessments, teachers are developing a clear understanding about how well individual   students are going with their learning in these aspects of the curriculum and – as a school – we are garnering some good information to help inform our strategic foci for next year and beyond.


As we get deeper and deeper into the build up, some pool time beckons! We had a lovely afternoon last Sunday at the Casuarina pool with students and families from Preschool and T/1 – thank-you to all of the families that came along to this opportunity and a special thanks to Miss Elliott, Miss Murray and Ms Varn for organising this nice opportunity for our Early Years families to get together.

Ms Varn has been extra lucky lately – along with Ms Sam and Mr Giovani she has been taking our AM Preschool group to swimming lessons over the past two weeks! Next week will be our PM group’s turn, but without Ms Varn for the first few days – she will be in New  Zealand on a special study tour as part of her prize for being awarded the ‘Outstanding  Educator’ at the recent NT Education and Care Awards.


Warwick Peter-Budge



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