16th November 2016

Hello parents and carers,

Activity to help our Preschoolers get ready for the transition to ‘big school’ continues to ramp up – next Thursday, our morning Preschoolers will get to visit T/1 Elliott and our afternoon Preschool group will visit T/1 Murray. The following Thursday will see similar opportunities for our Preschoolers to come up and get more of a ‘taste’ for all of the fun and learning that they will be doing as Transition students in 2017! Thank-you to Miss Elliott, Ms Varn and Ms Murray for providing these  valuable opportunities for our current crop of Preschoolers.

It seems as though most of our Preschoolers who are moving into Transition next year will be continuing on at Millner – this is great to hear and ensures that these students will  already have a nice group of friends that they are comfortable with, minimising any social anxieties that sometimes come for children when transitioning to a new environment. It also ensures that our Transition teachers will be well-placed to cater for the needs of each upcoming Preschooler, due to close communication with Ms Varn, Ms Sam and Mr Giovani.

Whilst we get set to ‘welcome’ this new crop of students into the primary school, unfortunately we are approaching the time of year when we need to say farewell to our older students at the other end of the primary school spectrum – our fantastic group of year sixes will soon be graduating from primary school and  moving onto middle school. We will miss their leadership around the school and their sense of fun! I know Ms Arratta and Ms Karen will particularly miss these students, having worked so hard with them over the past two years.

There are some important opportunities upcoming where we can celebrate our year six students before they finish their long primary school journey:

Year Six Graduation – Wednesday, December 9

End of Year awards celebration – Tuesday, December 13

Farewell school assembly for 2016 – Thursday, December 15

Mark these events in your diary to ensure that you can celebrate them with us!



Warwick Peter-Budge



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