9th November 2016

Hello parents and carers,

Some particularly exciting learning has been happening at Millner on Fridays for a while now, through our ‘Millner on the Move’ project. Last term, Mrs. Tania Sloane ran a terrific cooking program for a group of students that were nominated into this offering by their teachers or parents. I asked these students a few questions at the end of their series of lessons – here are some of their responses!

What sort of things did you learn in cooking lessons..?

“How to make things at home”; “How to make different recipes”; “How to mix and chop things”; “How to be safe and clean”; “How to use the oven”; “How to hold things the right way”; “How to have fun with cooking”.

Interestingly, EVERY student in the group answered “yes” to the question, ‘would you like to do more cooking at home or school..?

Well done to Mrs. Sloane and students!

This term has gotten even busier on a Friday, with two new offerings commencing as part of the ‘Millner on the Move’ project. Published children’s book author, Johanna Bell, is  leading a Creative Writing group through a process where they will create their own picture story book. Meanwhile, Mr. Tom Harold is working with an extended group of young ‘techos’ to learn about Robotics and Coding.

Stay tuned for what 2017 will bring as part of this project that aims to give Millner students greater opportunity to explore and develop in areas that they are particularly good at or passionate about.


In other news, we are in the midst of looking ahead and planning for 2017, which will be strongly driven by the recommendations that were identified from our recent school review, as well as what our various data sets are ‘telling’ us about where we are currently ‘at’ across a range of areas and, subsequently, what we need to prioritise our improvement efforts upon. Stay tuned for more detail about this, as it will be important that our whole school community is aware of what and how we are looking to improve next year and    beyond.

See you at assembly this Friday, with Ms. Miller’s 1/2 class performing, plus more ‘Hall of Fame’ nominees!


Warwick Peter-Budge



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