30th November 2016

Hello parents and carers,


As a staff, we have done a lot of work recently on analysing various data sets, so that we can have a clear understanding of ‘how we are going’ and, subsequently, where and what we need to improve most. We have coupled these data sets with the recommendations from our recent School Review, to help us identify a small number of Improvement Priorities for 2017. So, next year, our school’s ‘big ticket items’ will be to improve in the following three areas:

  1. Capacity building of teachers and support staff regarding students with additional needs.

This Improvement Priority is about ensuring that all of our staff have good opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills for working with students who have additional needs. We are proud of our school’s efforts to cater for each and every child’s individual learning needs and we believe that treating everyone the same way is neither fair nor effective – so we need to invest in developing the capacity of our staff to work with students who have additional learning needs.

  1. Enhance whole-school language regarding behaviour and ‘good learner’ dispositions.

This Improvement Priority is about building on from the recent work that we have done in identifying some whole-school language about behaviour [Safe, Respectful, Co-operative, Peaceful], as well as how a ‘good learner’ acts and thinks [Invested learner, Creative learner, Unified learner, Courageous learner].


  1. Reading Over the past two years in particular, Reading has started to show up as the area that we are having the poorest results in. This information has mainly been drawn from NAPLAN results and the recently-implemented  Progressive Achievement Tests [PAT].

Finally, an update on some ‘comings and goings’ as we approach the end of 2016 and keep an eye on the already fast-approaching 2017!

Mrs Cathy Baylis will be on leave for all of 2017. We will miss Mrs Baylis’ expertise and her love of teaching – we certainly hope to see her back at Millner after her period of leave is over!

Miss Giulia Elliott-Hall is transferring to a permanent position at Leanyer Primary School. Miss Elliott has spent the first few years of her teaching career here at Millner, so we begrudgingly acknowledge that it is a positive step in her career to experience teaching in a different school! Miss Elliott has been able to give so many of our students a fantastic start to their school lives over the past few years and we will miss her, as well.


Whilst it is sad that we are inevitably losing some valued staff members, we do get to experience the excitement of welcoming some fantastic additions to our staff for 2017.

Mr John Knight returns to us from a one-year transfer to Leanyer Primary School – we welcome Mr Knight back and I’m sure our students will be excited to have him back, too!

Mr Nathan Dutch is due to return in term two, having been on leave for all of this year and term one next year.

Miss Nicole Fransen won the recently-advertised Assistant principal position and joins us from Driver Primary School, where she is currently an Assistant principal.



Warwick Peter-Budge




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