14th December 2016

Hello parents and carers,

Well we’ve made it to the end of another school year – despite the year seeming to fly by extremely quickly, we have certainly accomplished some things as a school community this year.

Ms Belinda’s Playgroup, the ‘Little Stars’, has had a consistent group of children and parents attending each week. This is an important vehicle for providing some early learning opportunities for our soon-to-be Preschoolers, as well as provides an opportunity to welcome parents into our school and provide a support network [or simply a social outlet!] for them.

We continue to be a strong participant sport and PE opportunities – if your child comes to Millner they will be more physically active than most!

Also about provision of broad learning opportunities for our students is our developing ‘Millner on the Move’ project, which aims to give selected students greater opportunity in areas that they are talented in or passionate about. This commenced with a Cooking group in term three and has picked up some momentum in term four via a Coding and Robotics group, as well as a Creative Writing group.

We have some interesting date regarding our Enrolment and Attendance. Our current enrolment is 220 students – up quite significantly from 188 at this stage last year. However, our average attendance rate for this year has been 84%, which is stagnant when compared with last year’s figure.


Warwick Peter-Budge




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