16th February 2017

Hello parents and carers,

As we commence another school year, it is timely to be reviewing many of our  processes, systems, etc – we are always seeking to evolve and continually improve all aspects of our school. One item that I’ve heard many people discuss at different times is the role of this newsletter in communicating with our school community. Whilst we are proud of our newsletter and certainly invest a lot of time, thought and effort into its creation each week, in its current form it may well not be as   relevant or effective as it once was for communicating with our school community. At present, we print copies of our newsletter in full colour for every family in our school – whilst this provides each family with a quality, hard copy each week, it is also quite costly from a printing point of view, time consuming for our front office staff who create the newsletter each week, as well as not particularly good for the environment to be printing so much paper on a regular basis.

Another issue is the increasingly digital modes of communication that our school community – and the broader community, in general – are using as a means for  accessing information and communicating with other people and service providers. The school now has a new website, a new and regularly-updated Facebook site, as well as a new digital front sign that is more efficient to update than its predecessor.

If you are interested in contributing your thoughts about the current and future state of our newsletter, please complete the survey that accompanies today’s newsletter and return to the school by next Monday February 20.

Lastly, an important reminder that our first School Council meeting for 2017 is on next Monday evening [20th] at 7:00pm. I’d love to see some new faces on our School Council this year – even if you are just interested in finding out a  little more about how we work together to keep improving our school, without committing yourself for the year at this early stage, you are welcome to come along.



Warwick Peter-Budge, Principal


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