9th February 2017

Hello parents and carers,

The first week of 2017 is already behind us and it has been so pleasing to see how well students and staff have settled in. It has been a smooth and productive start for us, laying a good foundation to start establishing     classroom learning routines and pursuing our Improvement Priorities.

Playgroup started back up again this week, again operating out of the space that is shared with Out of Hours School Care. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we are welcoming Melody Clarke and Nikita Long to lead our Playgroup this year. Playgroup will again be happening on Wednesday mornings from about 8:30, whilst the Friday morning sessions will have a slightly different focus where the emphasis is on parents getting together and accessing some information sessions, support and simply networking with eachother!

Last week’s newsletter gave you the opportunity to ‘visit’ one of our classrooms, with 1/2 Miller sharing some of their initial learning experiences for the year. This week, you get to take a peek inside the T/1 area, to find out a little about what and how our youngest primary students are learning!

This Friday is our first school assembly of the year – come along to see 1/2 Boehme/Murray lead us for the morning, our first ‘Good Learner’ awards for 2017, as well as the newly-painted assembly area!

Lastly, Mrs Megan Moss – our fantastic Administration Manager – will be taking a few weeks leave from next Monday. Mrs Moss will be sorely missed over these few weeks – we wish her well and look forward to her return   later in the term!



Warwick Peter-Budge, Principal


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