School Council (Parent Group) 2024



The School Council is a very important body that governs our school. The School Council meets monthly on Wednesday mornings.  All parents and carers are most welcome to come along to the meetings. Office bearers are elected for 2 years with half being elected each year. The AGM is held early each year before March 15.  All parents are strongly encouraged to become involved with the School Council. Please call the Principal (792 30333) to discuss how you can get actively involved in your child’s education.


School Council 2024

Council Chair: Zablon Pingo

Secretary: Sheree Arratta

Treasurer: Lucas Hayden(Megan Moss)

Parent: Nalita Turner

Invited Guests: Ishca Graham, Kiran Kaur, Raj Jatana, Robyn Richardson, Heather Latimer

Teacher Rep: Sheree Arratta

Principal: Noella Goveas