Millner School is a proudly diverse and multicultural school situated in the heart of the Millner suburb. We prioritise creating and maintaining a professional, welcoming and inclusive environment where all members of our school community– including visitors– feel safe, comfortable and valued when they come into our school.

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are the absolute strength of our school due to their high levels of experience, passion and dedication to our students and school community. They have a long-term commitment to Millner School; this is reflected in our whole school approach to student well-being, strategic learning outcomes and an investment in our road to whole school improvement.

A significant strength of our school is the highly diverse make-up of our student cohort. We have well over 30 language speaking backgrounds represented amongst our student group, providing us with a very multicultural environment. Every day, your child is developing experience and skill in interacting with, working with, and playing with children who come from different language and cultural backgrounds to their own. This places them well for an increasingly multicultural society that has a growing reliance upon workers and citizens who can communicate and work with people that come from a range of different backgrounds.

We have high expectations on our school’s teaching and learning structure. Your child’s learning and well-being is tracked for progress and necessary intervention, and you will be invited to be involved in this process. Millner School expects and encourages parents and teachers to collaborate for the best outcomes for the whole development of the child. For this reason, we prioritise ongoing communication between school and family at all times.

Our school motto, ‘Achieving Together and Building Respect’ points to our belief that we are more likely to achieve significant things if we are working with other people. Our students engage in opportunities to develop their own skills and experience in working collaboratively with others, while aligning their learning behaviors with our Millner School Learning Circles of being ‘Invested, Creative, Unified, Courageous from Preschool to Year 6.

We are proud of Millner Primary School and the learning environment we have worked hard to create and maintain. We hope that – as a member of our School Community – you will share our pride in our school. We look forward to working with you and providing your child with a high-quality primary school education.


J. Noella Goveas


Millner School Contact:

email- admin.millnerps@education.nt.gov.au

phone- 087923 0333


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