Welcome to Millner Preschool, a part of Millner Primary School.

Our aim is to develop a happy and co-operative relationship with every child and his or her family. Your child has already learned so much from you, and we encourage you to communicate with us to help us increase understanding of your child. If at any time you would like to discuss your child, or have any problems, please come in and see us, or telephone.



Millner Preschool believes in providing a welcoming, supportive and educational environment where there is development of the whole child.  We believe children learn best through play, active exploration and intentional teaching of a meaningful and relevant curriculum.  We believe in strong relationships with students and their families and open communication between Preschool and home.

Teachers: Miss Corinne Britton and Miss Sharon Gao

 Preschool Assistant:  Miss Taya Pritchard

School Principal:   Ms J. Noella Goveas

Preschool phone: (08) 89 852 061

Millner School phone: (08)792 30333

Email:, or  





Butterflies with Miss Corinne

 Monday and Tuesday 8am- 2pm

Wednesday 8-11am


Dragonflies with Miss Sharon

Wednesday 8-11am

Thursday and Friday 8am-2pm