Millner Primary Staff 2020

The Amazing Staff of Millner Primary School 2020

Favourite AFL Team? Bombers

Favourite animal? I love all the animals. Tiger, Snowy Owl, Dolphin, snakes, dogs, whales… See I told you – I love them all!

Favourite colour? Purple and gold.

Favourite fruit? Watermelon.

Favourite hobby? Playing bagpipes.

what is like being a staff member at millner?it is a wonderful place to work. I feel included in the whole school commuinity.

what is your favorite colour? Red

What is favorite AFL Team? Bombers

What is your favorite animal? Shark

What is your favorite fruit? Orange

how long have you been running breakfast club? 8 wonderful years

was breakfast club your idea? no. it was established years ago

what is your favourite country? aussie!

what is your favourite animal? A tiger.

What is your favourite colour? Blue.

What is your hobbie? My hobbie is reading.

what is your favorite colour? Brown

Why do you like teaching? My students – what they say, how they participate and the smile they give me.

do you like working at millner? YES, GREAT STAFF, GREAT KIDS VERY ENJOYABLE

what is your favourite dish? indian food

what is favourite NRL team? camberra raiders

What is your favourite colour? Orange.

what is your favorite AFL team? Essendon bombers.

What is your favorite animal. An Elephant

what is your favorite fruit? Rockmelon